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Xunda Food Container has been designing and manufacturing plastic trays and containers since 1993. Situated in Hangzhou, we have an advanced tooling and design center and a very efficient manufacturing operation.We manufacture a broad range of plastic packaging:biodegradable container,plastic clamshell,foam food container,clamshell,plastic ABS trays and so on.
  • food container

    Food Container:China suppliers of food trays,food container, disposable food containers, sushi containers, PP food containers and other food packaging. Xunda food container protects your products cleanly , freshly

  • Fast food container:

  • ABS Plastic

    ABS Plastic:ABS plastic A plastic of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene,has good resistance to impact, heat, Uses for packaging of electronics, food, cosmetic

  • Black PP food container:


Our goal is to deliver to you, our valued customer, the best "total value" when it comes to Quality. Not all clamshell are created equally. Although we strive to provide our customers a very competitive price, we will not sacrifice quality to do so. All products are tested for clarity, wall thickness, hinge strength.


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