2017 Plastic Packaging Industry Trends

2018-05-14 138

Industry pointed out that China is the world's packaging and manufacturing and consumer countries, the proportion of plastic packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry has more than 30%, is a new force in the packaging industry, in food, beverage, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production play an irreplaceable Role. At present, plastic packaging has become an indispensable industry.

Plastic packaging industry, packaging products, packaging materials steady growth, packaging of new materials, new technology, new technologies, new products are also emerging. So, in 2017, the plastic packaging industry will show what kind of trend?

Food packaging to save food for the direction. The "swop Packaging World (Shanghai) Expo" held on November 7-10 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center introduced the special theme SAVEFOOD to showcase and present the dual format of the Summit Forum And explore packaging ideas and solutions designed to reduce food loss and waste.

As one of the initiators of SAVEFOOD, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO gave strong support to SAVEFOOD China and

SAVEFOOD has been widely disseminated to all member units by mail. It can be said SAVEFOOD China at the start has been the international

community's unanimous concern and look forward to now also attracted a group of both social responsibility and innovative packaging industry

suppliers are actively involved, such as Modi Vick, Dan Bell, Beijing Lanthan, Huayi Plastic and so on. DuPont, Xiamen long plastic, Avery Dennison, Sealed Seoul, Taurang sorting, plastic and other Bailey SAVEFOOD China also expressed a strong interest in this project.

Extend the freshness of fresh meat. Recently, the QualiMeat international research project on meat safety was officially launched in Austria with a total investment of 1 million euros. The plan will take about 3 years. This project will explore various packaging materials and packaging products through the interaction between the development of a variety of extended fresh meat products to enhance shelf life and enhance consumer safety packaging.