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Food Service Packaging

All of our food service packaging is made from food grade PET and PP material. Click the links below to see the complete line.

Food Packaging

PET Fruit Clamshell

Keep their crops safe;With an extensive line of Agricultural Packaging, Xunda Packaging will have an answer for your Agricultural Packaging question.

Agricultural Packaging

Clamshell & Blister

Xunda has been producing quality single face packaging that fulfill a myriad of Industrial Packaging needs.

Industrial Packaging

Packaging Solutions

Thermoformed packaging can be classified as either clamshells, blisters or trays, but many of the products we produce are actually custom

Who We Are

15 years of experience, Xunda Packaging is the world's leading manufacturer of Clamshell Packaging,Blister Packaging,Food Trays & More. We specialize in producing high quality clamshell and blister packaging products. Our clamshell packaging fit a variety of products and our food trays make your life easier.

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Lastest News

The basics of clamshells packaging

The basics of clamshells packaging

August 03,2018
Clamshell packaging is especially effective packaging option for heavy products, or items like electronics that are a ta...
We have a new and modern machine

We have a new and modern machine

June 27,2018
We have a full automatic thermoforming machine,efficient and economic ...
We have United States office now

We have United States office now

June 27,2018
we have a new branch at the USA, the address is 27 Alexandria,Irvine CA92614, you can call 408-667-7523 for more details...