The egg trays for optimum egg protection

2019-04-09 431

Industrial egg tray

Where storage and distribution processes demand the very highest standards of protection, we offer various industrial egg tray solutions. Strong, tried-and-tested products include the 6pcs, the 8pcs, the 10pcs, the 12pcs and the 15pcs egg trays. Top egg trays are available as lids for several packaging solutions. All features are specifically designed to perform well in any situation and eliminate the risks of damage to the eggs encountered via retail channels.

Rock-solid egg tray

The latest development in industrial egg tray is the Multi-K Plus tray. The patented construction of our Multi-K Plus egg tray concept offers more resistance to vertical pressure than any other egg trays. This works to your advantage: Multi-K Plus egg trays offer maximum stackability for storage and transport.

Advantages of our Multi-K Plus product range:

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