The main task of plastic box development

2020-04-01 846

China is a large country in the world of packaging manufacturing and consumption. The proportion of plastic packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry has exceeded 30%. It has become a new force in the packaging industry and plays an irreplaceable role in various fields of food, beverage, daily necessities, and industrial and agricultural production. Packaging products and packaging materials in the plastic packaging industry have grown steadily, and new packaging materials, new processes, new technologies, and new products have continued to emerge.

From January to December 2006, China's plastic packaging box and container manufacturing industry realized a cumulative total industrial output value of RMB 57,615,577,000, an increase of 22.83% over the same period last year; a cumulative product sales income of RMB 55,288,976,000, an increase of 23.15% over the same period last year, and a cumulative Total profit was RMB 3,124,783,000, an increase of 1.39% over the same period last year. Blister packaging tray

From January to December 2007, China's plastic packaging box and container manufacturing industry realized a total industrial output value of 73,093,169,000 yuan, an increase of 26.72% over the same period of the previous year.

From January to October 2008, China's plastic packaging box and container manufacturing industry realized a cumulative total industrial output value of 73,367,215,000 yuan, an increase of 21.48% over the same period of the previous year.

The use of plastics in rigid containers and flexible packaging is increasing. In terms of rigid containers, such as plastic trays and plastic barrels, the long-term cost is lower than fiberboard barrels due to reusability. Plastic vertical bags also have the potential to replace cardboard boxes as containers for dry foods such as pre-made cereals and sauces. In addition, plastic bottles are more and more used for the packaging of fruit juices and fruit drinks due to their light weight and impact resistance. In flexible packaging, pouches and films in plastic products will continue to be of great use in the fast food and retail sectors.

Upstream related machinery for plastic packaging

Blow molding machine Injection molding machine Blister compression machine Foaming equipment Plastic calender Plastic molding machine Plastic extruder Plastic machine auxiliary machine

Major downstream users of plastic packaging

Plastic packaging has been widely used in electronics, food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, medicine, health products, cosmetics, small appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and other industries and product packaging and other industries. Missing industries.

The main task of China's plastic packaging industry is to develop new plastic molding equipment, gradually narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers, and fight against it in the market. Plastic packaging enterprises must change their development methods. They must stand at a new starting point to review and resolve the above contradictions and problems, take the scientific development concept as the lead, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovation, strengthen market awareness, and effectively promote the enterprise. development of.

Europe and the United States are the most developed countries in the plastic packaging industry in the world, and attach great importance to the research and development of advanced packaging machinery. According to Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Mould, Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, there are a wide variety of packaging machinery and advanced equipment in Europe and the United States, but in order to be able to adapt to the competition in the international market, they are still researching and developing more advanced plastic packaging machinery and equipment.

In this situation, China's packaging machinery industry enterprises should adhere to the "go global" development strategy and actively expand foreign markets. Luo Baihui pointed out that domestic packaging machinery industry enterprises should take offensive operations and actively participate in international cooperation and mergers among the same industry and even cross-industry enterprises. Through overseas investment and acquisition of foreign companies, their advanced technologies can be absorbed and absorbed as soon as possible. Localization, and thus enhance the international status of China's packaging machinery industry.

The booming processing services industry has stimulated the strong demand for packaging machinery, which has provided good business opportunities for Chinese packaging machinery suppliers. In the competition with European and American companies, China's packaging machinery companies have begun to appear. China is the world's largest plastic production base, but the plastic packaging machinery industry upstream of the plastic packaging industry is basically monopolized by imported equipment.