Desserts & Pastries Tray

2018-12-29 917

Pastries tray: is made from a solid cardboard and laminated with a high gloss gold finish making it impermeable to oil and moisture. More attractive than plastic or aluminum, our pastries trays add a subtle elegance to baked goods. Great for: catering events, and for pastries trays of cookies, pastries and cupcakes.

Sweets Tables- (50 pastries) assortment of mini Cannolis, Puffs, Eclairs, Chocolate Raspberry Tarts, and Rum Babas.

Cannoli and Puff Tray- 48 or 75 mini pastries- an assortment of cream and cheese filled mini Cannolis, Cream and Cheese Puffs.

Cannoli Tray- 50 or 75 mini Cannolis- choose from all cream, all cheese.

Puff tray- Inquire about our various size Puff Trays. Trays can be made to serve up to 200 people.

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