Recyclable mushroom punnet reduces food waste

2018-12-27 1089

We offer a range of high quality mushroom punnets of varying shapes, sizes and depths. Our stock range includes punnets designed for volumes from 125g to 700g.

The most popular colours in our mushroom punnet range are blue, black, brown, clear, and green, but we have an unlimited colour selection to choose from. And we can also produce punnets with special design features, such as wood grain, marbling, or metallic effect.

Bespoke Product Designs

Our range of mushroom punnets is always expanding, with the addition of new, innovative packaging designs.

We have an experienced New Product Development Team on hand to help you create unique mushroom punnets designed to your specification. We offer expert guidance through every stage of the development process, and the agility to bring your concepts to full production with short lead times.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of the utmost importance, and as a BRC accredited facility, all mushroom punnets we produce meet the high food grade standards required.

By manufacturing our own sheet for packaging production, we have complete control over quality assurance right through the manufacturing process. We exercise rigorous quality testing at all stages, giving you confidence in the quality of our punnets.

Pioneering Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our mushroom punnets are produced from our unique formula polypropylene (PP) thin gauge sheet, which has been formulated to minimise the carbon footprint of our products.

This results in packaging which has a 60% lower carbon footprint than conventional polypropylene (PP), and maintains the required strength for the end use.

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