The Main Task of Plastic Box Development

2020-04-01 2460

China is a large country that manufactures and consumes packaging. The proportion of plastic packaging has exceeded 30% in the total output value of the packaging industry.  It has become a new force in the packaging industry, and it plays an irreplaceable role in various fields of food, beverage, daily necessities, and industrial and agricultural production. In the plastic packaging industry, materials and products are developed fast. New packaging materials, processes, technologies, and products are continually being developed.

The use of plastics in rigid containers and flexible packaging is increasing. In terms of rigid containers, such as plastic trays and plastic barrels, the long-term cost is lower than fiberboard barrels because of its reusability. Plastic vertical bags also have the potential to replace cardboard boxes as containers for dry foods such as pre-made cereals and sauces. In addition, plastic bottles are more frequently used for the packaging of fruit juices and fruit drinks due to their lightweight and impact resistance. In flexible packaging, pouches and films in plastic products will continue to be of great use in the fast food and retail sectors.